Colección: Puzzles by Dino

Artist comment: " We start off with Volume 0. It will feature 91 designs in total and here are the first 19. I am truly thankful for everyone helped me making this possible. Thank you.  "

The reason these puzzle exist is because I was looking for a way to make my artwork available to everyone. So instead of selling fine-Art prints for like three times as much, I I am proud to present you a hobby, that is not only mentally challenging and very healthy, it is also a great way to spend some quality time alone or with friends and family, while improving your concentration, patience, dedication and awareness. Puzzling just makes you happier overall and if you have fun doing it,nothing can go wrong. :) 

I love the idea that you are not just framing my art. By solving this puzzle you put something of yourself into it . So together we hopefully acchieve something that makes you happy, everytime you look at it. 

Greetings Dino